How to book a private chef in London
One recurring theme post-covid is that many people are increasingly seeing the need for work-life balance. Perhaps families are seeing the inherent value of what time spent with loved ones can bring, which has resulted in a greater need for outsourcing most household chores as well. One task that has increasingly become outsourced is the need for a chef in the home. Cooking will undoubtedly appeared to be a chore, and one thing they will require is the services of a chef. There are quite a few chef booking platforms in the UK, and iKooK is one platform that anyone should look forward to using. Besides the ease of booking that the platform provides, iKooK also offers client-tailored solutions and personalized menu plans to suit your individual needs, whether you are planning on having a summer wedding, this menu guide will help you make decisions on what choice of food to choose, to ensure your guests have a good time

Booking a private chef in London in just a few steps

  • Visit ikook.co.uk
  • Set up your account
  • Explore iKooK’s menu available in different cuisines 
  • Get matched with a Chef
  • Sit back and enjoy top-notch service from our professional chefs
  • Send in your review and rate the service provided
Whether the pandemic is here to stay remains a topic for another day, but one thing is certain: as we progress and the world changes, there is an inherent shift towards family and a sudden realization that spending time with family and friends matters most. Booking a chef through ikook.co.uk will allow you to focus on the things that truly matter. View our recipe video to learn how to make pineapple fried rice. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter  Join our Facebook community

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