Food Plating and Presentation Tips For Chefs

We can’t deny that visual presentation is crucial as a well-plated food will excite guests before trying a dish. Research shows that when plating is artistic, people are more likely to enjoy the food than if the same ingredients were served without proper plating. So, food plating and presentation are important as we first eat with our eyes before tasting. Here are food plating and presentation tips for chefs that will help to elevate your plating techniques.  

Choose colours that will complement the dish:

Although white dishware is popular with chefs as it complements vibrant colours and makes them look more appealing, blue, black, red, and yellow dishware will look great if paired with the right foods. 

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Focus on the key element in the dish – place this in the centre of the plate:

When plating a dish, you want to highlight the key elements of the dish by placing it in the centre of the plate. You also want to pay attention to 3 elements, garnishes, sauces and dishware.

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Use the right plate 

Using the right plate size and style is important in plating. Choose the type of plate that makes it easy for guests to eat. This is also a great way for chefs to express themselves when plating a dish!

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Remember garnishes, decorations and sauces 

Garnishes are a must when plating your dish. Ensure everything is edible and they taste great with your dish. Apart from tasting great, sauces are also a great way to decorate your dish. Lightly pour or drizzle on the plate, underneath, or at the side, be artistic with it! Otherwise, you can serve your sauce in a separate dish or jug. 

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Serve in smaller portions 

You want to ensure that your plate does not look overcrowded while ensuring that you’re serving enough food to keep your guests satisfied. Avoid adding too many unnecessary ingredients to the dish to avoid clutter. Stick to no more than six ingredients on a plate. 

Plating and presentation tips for chefs

Remember to express who you are as a chef 

Your plating is your canvas, so remember to express who you are as a chef! Find your identity and your style and show it.

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