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We cater to a wide range of events, from Hen Dos, Dinners, Birthday Parties, Engagements, Anniversaries and Corporate events You name it! All you have to do is pick a date, time and venue and we will provide a splendid food experience for you and your guests.

You can choose from the (Set Menu) or Create a custom booking from (Find a Chef). Booking ahead of time is highly recommended, especially when booking an in-demand private chef or booking during weekends and festive periods. However, chefs who decide to work last minute can jump on impromptu requests.

Your menu choices are largely dependent on your preference. You can choose to have any cuisine of your choice and our private chefs can also surprise you.

The experience includes the following:

  • Menu
  • All the groceries and preparation for the meal
  • Clean up after the event.
  • Travel

We also provide add on services like drink pairing with meals, gifting options and so on all at an additional fee.

One of the information provided during the booking process is the kitchen configuration of
your home or choice of venue. Our chefs will also let you know in advance what utensils or
cooking equipment is needed for the meal.  

You are responsible for Set-Up/Decorations. However, we have partnered with
Set-Up/Decoration companies as an add-on service for you, if required.

iKooK or the Chef handles all the grocery shopping and delivers it to your booking venue
at least a day before your event or as arranged prior to the event.

Before a grocery delivery date and time are finalised, the team checks with you to choose
a time and date that is convenient for you. If a grocery delivery appointment is missed, an
additional tee of £45 is required to enable us to make another arrangement for your

Changes can be made to the menu after the booking is finalised at least a week before
the event and the chef will let you know if there will be a reduction or increase in price as a
result of the change.

We understand that schedules and plans may not always go as intended so you can
change the number of guests but time is of the essence. You are required to make this
information available 72 hours before the event date and if it’s any later than that we will
check and let you know if such changes can be accommodated.

Private chefs are guests in your home, and as such are advised to take good care of your
belongings/kitchen. However, we can not take away the fact that accidents can and do
happen sometimes. Chefs should not be held responsible for accidental breakages but for
deliberate ones as a result of misuse. In cases where there is a dispute, iKook can step in as
a mediator upon request. All requests for this purpose should be made within 12 hours of the
event date.

All cancellations are to be made via email. All payments are refundable till a week before
the booking date; if the booking is cancelled any later than this, the payment will be
non-refundable as groceries may have been ordered by this time. If for any reason your
booking is cancelled by us, iKooK will fully refund you. If you wish to reschedule your
booking, please get in touch at least 72 hours before your booking.
The purpose of the charges is to compensate chefs for missed work opportunities,
ingredients purchased for the work, and for platform booking management

We understand that schedules and plans may not always go as intended so you can
reschedule. Please get in touch at least 72 hours before your booking. Any later will incur
additional fees, as produce may have been ordered/purchased by this time

During booking, you will get questions requiring you to provide information about dietary
requirements. You can also let us know before or after your booking has been made of any
dietary requirements that you or your guests may have by emailing us at team@ikook.co.uk or message your chef through the platform.

Yes, if there is a particular meal you would like to be added to your menu you can let us
know beforehand and we will do our best to cater to your request.

We cater to your choice and preferences. You can let us know while booking and we
would do our best to accommodate your request.

We recommend you book your chef as soon as possible so that a chef can be secured for
you in a timely manner and to avoid disappointment.

You can book ahead even while you have not worked out all the details fully and we
would work with you to make the process as seamless for you as possible. Send us an email
at team@ikook.co.uk and we will take it from there.

The chef will clean all the cookware and leave your kitchen as it was, so that you can relax and enjoy your meal. Our chef are not responsible for clean up but you can add-on server or clean-up service as extra during your booking

You can gift an experience to your family, friends or loved ones. iKooK gift card here


To register as a chef, sign up on the website and fill in the required information and we will
get back to you.

Registration and onboarding as an iKooK Private Chef come at no cost to you at all, we only
charge commission on any successful booking

You can get bookings by uploading your menus, areas of speciality, about you, and updating your booking calendar.

You sure can send in your menu as a private chef or upload it by yourself

Yes, you are expected to provide details on your availability during onboarding or always update your calendar

Clients are always encouraged to review your service and feedback will be passed on to

You can cancel a previously accepted booking as long as it is done in ample time (at least
10 days before event day), inform the customer in advance, so that the customer can make an alternative arrangement in advance or we can book another chef to take the booking.

The funds are held with us until the booking is complete, then will be paid into the account provided during your onboarding

iKooK Team

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