8 Reasons why you should book a private chef

Private chef! Yes, those words are shunned because people think only the rich can afford them. The covid 19 pandemic opened up the gap for in house luxury dining, now anyone can book a private chef. You can hire a private chef for a personal private dinner like a valentine’s surprise dinner or just treat your family to 5-star restaurant-worthy food at home. If you still need convincing that this is the way to go. Here are 8 reasons why you should hire a private chef more often.

Enjoy different cuisines.

We all have had that feeling of, I would love to eat delicious cuisine but am too lazy to go to a restaurant, and I can’t make it myself. It could be that you are not feeling like being around a crowd. Only a few people who are not professional chefs can whip up a good cuisine that is enjoyable. From needing the different culinary equipment to the technique, it is rather better left to the expectations. A private chef can create any dish you crave from cuisines. They give you the world taste at home. 

Private dinners are kid-friendly 

Think of this scenario: you have a 5-year-old child and you want to eat out so you book a table at a luxurious restaurant, so you either go with them or get a babysitter. If you go with them you have to contend with running after them, dealing with their tantrums. If you get a babysitter it’s an extra cost on top of the expensive restaurant, you have to worry about them constantly, you don’t enjoy yourself at all. That is why hiring a private chef is a dream come true for parents, you don’t have to worry about them talking to strangers. Your child is safe at home with you and you can enjoy a luscious restaurant-worthy dinner at home. You can put them to sleep and enjoy your dinner. 

No cleaning up 

It is no rocket science that when cooking we use a lot of unnecessary dishes and cleaning them is even worse. Cleaning can take so much of your time, which can result in dinner being cut short so you can have more time to clean the kitchen. Private chefs sleep up after themselves and all the cookware they used and some even clean your dishes for an extra fee. This means more time with family and more memorable moments with your family.

No grocery shopping 

Grocery shopping for ingredients can be a nightmare, if you can’t find what you are looking for then that means changing the meal altogether. A private chef buys and brings all the ingredients to you, they know food which means they know what substitutes go with what, just in case they can’t find a certain ingredient. They also know the healthier option just in case you are on a diet. Better they wait in line and not you. 

Make special occasions more special

Special moments are always welcomed like a birthday party, family gatherings and special events, these memories always stay in our hearts. Being in the kitchen preparing food and getting stressed that the food will not be done on time and so on is not so memorable. A private chef is in charge of the kitchen which means more time with your family and a memorable meal, to accompany a memorable event spent with family and friends.

Restaurant quality food 

There is only one reason we go to restaurants the quality of the food, the texture and the presentation just make the food more mouth-watering. We can never cook that kind of food ourselves, but a professional chef can make this quality food anywhere, including your home. They know all about the culinary, how to blend everything together for that luxurious restaurant-worthy food at home. 


It is no secret that restaurant food is expensive and it became worse after the pandemic happened. Believe it or not, a private chef is more affordable than you think. You can get a three-course meal for £80 per person at iKooK.

Eat healthier

We all want to be healthy whether it’s for weight reasons and so forth. No matter the reason, keeping to a diet is important to you. A private chef will incorporate your diet into your meal that way you don’t have to cheat. The chef makes sure everything is measured according to calories and that your meal balances out nicely, giving you the best experience. 

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